How to Beat Superbowl Party Temptations

super bowlSuperbowl weekend is here, with all its hype and glory, friends, food and……..yes, anxiety!! I’m not talking anxiety about which team to root for or what to wear.

Whether you’ve started the new year going paleo, in the midst of a Whole30 or following Weight Watchers, you can do this! It’s not uncommon to think, I’m not going.  I won’t be able to stay away from all the wings and chips and dip and desserts and goodies that are sure to be there.  First of all, sit back, take a deep breath and believe in yourself. You have enough willpower to just say no. Focus on the longterm goal.

A few tips I always find helpful are to do the following things: Stay hydrated and eat before you go. Sit down and enjoy a meal that you love. Secondly, find a place to be away from the food. Many times we eat because it’s in front of us, and that’s what others are doing so we think we should too!   Don’t give in!  If nothing else, find a spot in front of the game and enjoy the commercials.  Lastly, just in case temptation is following you, bring a dish to share that you can eat.  Whip up one of your favorite dishes, side or dessert and do not feel guilty enjoying it.  I like to keep my recipe secret and enjoy watching people eat something that they would normally snub their nose at and tell you, That’s too healthy.   There’s no way I’ll eat that.  (Admit it, we all have friends and family like that)

Hang in there.  It’s just another night.  Don’t fall into temptation. Remember, nothing will taste as good as being strong feels. Nothing!

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